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A Strategic Social Media Masterclass (Synchronous and Asynchronous e-learning)

Type: WSQ Certification Course
Course Duration: 32.5 hours

Course Fee: SGD $1800 Nett

Course Description

Take control of your Social Media platforms and manage them professionally to maximize your business opportunities. This Social Media Management course is designed for Trainees (brands/ companies/ marketing professionals/ individuals/ freelancers) to learn about;

  • How to manage your social media platforms effectively

  • Creative content creation

  • Content management

  • How to use analytic tools to track content engagement

  • How to manage engagement vs ROI 

  • Manage & understand your social media platforms like never.

Course Outline

1. Introduction & Use of Social Media Strategies.
2. Understand & use Key Performance Indicators for Social Media Campaigns 
3. Monitor and Review Social Media Campaigns
4. Ability to define social media management strategies
5. Ability to define monitoring metrics
6. Ability to identify opportunities to improve social media campaigns
7. Funnel Management (ClickFunnel)
8. Follow-up Actions and Continuous Improvement on Organisation’s Social Media Campaign 
** Free Course-Refresher Session within 06 months after graduation.

eLearning Key Topics (Day 3)

  • Self-Liquidating Offer

  • Challenge Sales Funnel

  • Automated Webinar Funnel

  • Lead Magnet

  • Affiliate Sales Funnel

  • Free-Shipping Sales Funnel

  • Funnel Measurement (Effectiveness)

  • Sales Funnel Assignment

For Online: 
Synchronous Online training (Day 1 & Day 2 & Day 4 (PM))*
Asynchronous Online eLearning (Day 3)*
All lessons will be conducted with our school e-Learning platform.
*For Full Day Course Runs
**Half day Runs & Night Runs schedule may differ.

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  • Online Assessment

  • Online virtual classroom training

  • All lessons will be conducted via our virtual classroom e-Learning platform.

Course Suitability: Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Advertising, Media.

Course Language Medium: English
Course Certification Type: Statement of Attainment
Course Certification Title: Social Media Management (Level 4)
Course Duration: Total 32.5 hours
Course Days: 04 Days
Course Sign Up & Enquiry:
Course Fees: SGD $1,800.00 Nett
Course Funding Details
Approved Payment Type: Nett Fee
Course Funding Support Period: 02nd June 2020 to 04 August 2022
Type of Funding (Companies): Training Grant Absentee Payroll / Mid Career Enhanced Subsidy / Skillsfuture Enterprise Credit.
Type of Funding (Individual): SkillsFuture Credits for Individual / Mid Career Enhanced Subsidy / UTap.
Support level: CAT B Funding, WSQ, External.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: WTS will be replaced by WSS from 01st JULY 2020.



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